Don Brodt

For SVUSD School Board Trustee Area D

The parents and youth of Simi Valley need an advocate with a commonsense approach to administration. As your SVUSD trustee, I’ll fight to make sure voices not already represented, have a supporter on the school board. I’ll ensure that we are reinforcing family values and raising civic-minded community members.

Putting Parents & Students First!

My name is Don Brodt, and I am running for school board in Simi Valley because I have listened to the parents of our community and their voices are not being heard. My priority is to make sure parental rights are respected. After all, whose children are they? I’ll be able to bring a straightforward approach to the district. We need students that are victors, not victims; emphasizing excellence, not excuses. By working with parents and teachers who aren’t currently represented, we’ll reestablish academic excellence in our wonderful community. My name is Don Brodt for Simi Valley school board, area D. I would be honored to have your help in the campaign and your vote in November.  

Parental Rights
  • Parents and taxpayers have a right to be fully informed of every aspect of the curriculum. They shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. FOIA requests or a long drive to access curriculum are not indicative of transparency.
  • Parents have the right to schools that support family values.
  • Parents have the right to know when their child receives treatment for any perceived condition. Parents are legal guardians and have the right to be informed.
  • Parents have a right to be involved on any campus. We have done this well for younger age groups, but it is lacking on secondary campuses. There are many teachers who would like to have the support of more parents in the classroom. Parents will be prepared to tackle any challenges this may bring, and our students will benefit from having more adult role models in their lives.
Return to Academic Focus
  • As a district, we need to focus on the fundamentals of education: reading, math, science, civics, history, performing arts; not on Critical Race Theory. We shouldn’t be spending valuable instructional time on CRT, social-emotional learning, or any instruction that emphasizes division. While some may counter that the term CRT isn’t used in the district, it doesn’t change the fact that the principles of CRT become more evident each year as curricula are changed out.
  • Our students need to focus on core subjects. Core subjects taught well, set a student up for a life of success and a love of learning.
  • If there is additional instruction time left in the teaching schedule, our students should be learning real-world life skills. For example, additional class topics could be financial literacy, interviewing for a job, entrepreneurship, or homeownership. These would be valuable skills for our students and community.
  • Pursue excellence in schools. Standards should be maintained, rather than lowered for appearances. This isn’t how real life works and our schools shouldn’t either.
Support Teachers
  • I am pro-teacher, not anti-union.
  • The vast majority of our teachers and faculty are excellent. Unfortunately, many are being coerced into teaching curricula they are not comfortable with. These teachers may not feel comfortable speaking out and expressing their professional opinion due to the groupthink that has formed in our district. I’ll work with all teachers to return our district back to the purpose of education.
  • As a district, we have the ability to deliver a world-class education for our community. But we haven’t delivered due to an appalling lack of student discipline. Through adherence to standards, we can, once again, offer the level of education our students deserve.

While official enrollment numbers have not been released yet for the 2022 school year, preliminary reports seem to indicate a substantial decline in enrollment for K-12. After adding an additional grade (Transitional Kindergarten) to the district, overall enrollment stayed nearly the same. To add 540 Transitional Kindergarteners and see no bump in overall enrollment is concerning. We could be looking at what services offered entice more families to stay in district. This may include boosting electives and CTE offerings. These programs are difficult for online options to replicate and often may be the motivating factor for students to partake in core academic classes. Another solution to consider is ensuring parents understand that we partner with them in their child’s education. As a trustee, I’ll seek and advocate for solutions to keep families from leaving the district.

Simi Valley School District Area D

Many people probably aren’t sure what area of the school district they are in. Below is a helpful map of Area D. If you live in this area, be sure to Vote 4 Brodt!

“The parents and youth of Simi Valley need an advocate”

About Don

As a Simi Valley resident and entrepreneur, I’ve seen the beauty of our community. After coming to Simi Valley in 2006, I recognized right away that this is a wonderful place to raise a family. After marrying Ribka in 2010 and starting a career as a general contractor, we were blessed to have a daughter in 2013. 

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We need your help to restore and keep Parental Rights and an Academic Focus in our school district. Please contribute what you can to ensure our victory in this election.

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